Audi R8 Test Drive Says It’s Better Than Ever

Like the styling, the driving experience offered by the all-new Audi R8 is an evolution. It retains the same characteristics that made journos and owners alike think very highly of it from launch, but it’s now faster and more capable.

However, according to EVO, this extra capability renders it less playful on the road – you now need a track to make the car really move around.

A lot of review space is allocated to talking about the sound. Here, like in V10 R8s of old, it’s still a dominant part of the experience.

The gearbox also comes under scrutiny, since even in its last evolutions, the previous model didn’t get it right. The new car’s dual-clutch unit is now either fast or smooth, depending on the chosen mode, and there’s none of the hesitation of the old R8’s dual-clutch, or the jerkiness of the first single-clutch sequential.

Overall, the R8 seems to be as recommendable as ever, so again it’s a case of “if you liked the old one…”

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