Audi RS6 allroad could look like this

Have you heard that rumor about a possible Audi RS6 allroad? This render from RM Design shows a very potential look for what will be yet another niche model from Ingolstadt.

A hybrid between the ruggedness of the A6 allroad and the performance of the RS6 Avant, this new model is expected to come out in the second half of next year. Audi is apparently planning this to please the Chinese market, but hopefully the vehicle will go global as we are sure it would attract customers from many countries.

It will likely be more expensive than the RS6 Avant given the added upgrades like the increased ground clearance, plastic body cladding, and other changes. A new set of wheels along with some tweaks inside the cabin are probably on the agenda as well. There’s not a lot of R&D work necessary since most of the hardware is already available. That is probably why parent company VW has apparently green-lighted this model, even though recently the company announced plans to axe or postpone models that aren’t necessary as a measure to cut costs.

If the rumor is legit, Audi could decide to unveil this car at a major auto show next year, possibly in China.

Source: RM Design