Audi RS7 Twin Turbo Stage 10 Is Pure Insanity

We don’t know exactly what Stage 10 means when it comes to this car, but we’re guessing it was still bonkers throughout its previous 9 stages of tuning.

The action takes places in Russia and while we’re quite used to single digit tuning stages, for somebody to call his car ‘Stage 10’ means that it passed being “crazy fast” a long, long time ago.

Is this twin turbocharged RS7 packing well over 1,000 HP? It just might, though we’re still a little bit shocked by what it looks like with those turbochargers sticking out like that. It’s as if it had horns, which was probably the scary look the owner of the car was going for.

The moment it revs its engine and takes off, the noise it makes is out of this world, and you can actually hear the turbos kick in at particular stages. Unfortunately this “acceleration test” wasn’t done at a drag strip, so we have no clue how fast this thing gets from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) or how fast it can go in a straight line.

According to one Redditor, this build comes courtesy of Total Race, which is a Russian tuning company that makes Audis go really really fast, among other cars. Apparently, a Total Race Stage 4 Audi RS7 will put down 1,100 HP and 1,350 Nm (1,000 lb-ft) of torque on race fuel and hit 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. But Stage 10? That sounds mental just saying it.

All in all, we don’t know if this thing is built by Total Race or if somebody else was involved, but it’s fun to speculate.