Audi sales growth stalls on China dip, slower U.S. demand

FRANKFURT — Audi sold just 1 percent more vehicles last month than a year ago as the brand’s Chinese sales fell sharply and growth slowed in the U.S.

Sales in November were 147,750 in November, Audi said today in a statement.

The slowdown in the Chinese market and the phase-out for the first-generation Q7 SUV in the U.S. hit sales, Audi’s sales and marketing chief Dietmar Voggenreiter said in the statement. “The sustained high demand for Audi models in Europe and our good global order situation continue to provide momentum for the months ahead,” he said.

Audi’s sales in China dropped 5.8 percent to 49,519. U.S. sales rose just 0.4 percent to 16,700. The brand’s volume grew 6 percent