Audi Sport Is Back And Edgier RS Models Will Result

Audi has re-launched its Audi Sport sub-brand as it looks to cash-in on its various motorsport projects.

According to media reports from the Paris Motor Show, new Audi Sport boss Stephan Reil is keen to have closer ties between race cars and road cars – and that includes future electric vehicles (Audi’s WEC racers are hybrids, remember).

And, as the sporty RS models fall under the Audi Sport umbrella, Mr Reil also suggested some racier versions of the German giant’s sports models would seem to make sense.

But, he admitted, the trick is to get the timing right (not too early in the product cycle or, as Honda discovered with the now superseded Civic Type R, not too late).

At the Paris Motor Show, Audi Sport unveiled its latest customer race car – the RS3-based RS3 LMS (yours for $190,000 with a sequential gearbox or $145,000 with a conventional manual).

The RS3 LMS was created for the global TCR series and customer deliveries will start this year.

Looking at the car – a ‘turn-key’ customer race car bursting with state-of-the-art technology (including a safety escape hatch in the roof) and looking brilliant – and the price tag will have many Australian V8 Supercar team bosses choking on their breakfast cereals as they study their own diminishing bank balances.

As per TCR rules, power comes from a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine (in the case of Audi delivering 250kW).