Audi starts teaser game for newest “Q” model, we’re betting on the Q2

Audi starts teaser game for newest “Q” model, we’re betting on the Q2 image

The Ingolstadt-based automaker, currently the third largest luxury automaker in the world, has introduced the first teaser picture for a new Q model, which most likely will officially see the light of day in front of the audience at the Geneva Motor Show early next month.

Audi has went the usual social media way by releasing the picture you see above via its official Facebook page – and here it depicts a parking lot with the Q3, Q5, and Q7 sport utility vehicles already tucked neatly in their slots in the underground garage. We can see how the arrow on the pavement directs our attention towards the only parking spot left open and if we didn’t catch the drift yet there’s also a large and blatant “soon” embedded on the image. Such teasers are of course useless since they don’t even show a glimpse of the ucpming vehicle – but we do see how the crossovers have been parked in a progressive order. As such we’re pretty sure the German automaker is hinting towards the addition of their smallest SUV to date – and Audi already owns the rights to use the Q2 name.

The automaker hasn’t made the name official just yet but it has already tipped the yet to be revealed to start deliveries during the second part of the year, so we’re again expecting to see the production version come out in the open during the first days of next month, during the Geneva Motor Show. The Q2 should come with a MQB platform derivative, front wheel drive as standard and an AWD system as optional – with the familiar range of diesel and gasoline engines ready for prime time.