Audi Still Considering Sports Car Between TT and R8


There’s plenty to love about the Audi TT. Even more to love about its high-horsepower sibling the R8. But what if Audi could somehow combine the charm of the TT, with the road-presence of the R8? If new reports are any indication, that’s exactly the plan.

The story comes from AutoBild, which says that the new Audi sports car will be dubbed the R6—currently given the internal codename P0455—and will slot right between the TT and R8. But things get even weirder from there.

Audi quattro concept/Standaufnahme

The alleged R6 won’t be based on an all-new platform—or even a current Audi platform. Oh no, this Audi is expected to be wearing Porsche undergarments, specifically in the form of the 718 Boxster and Cayman. Changes will come by way of an Audi engine and all-wheel drive.

So, a Porsche-based sports car with a new engine and some all-wheel drive? It sounds crazy, to be honest, but I won’t call this rumor complete rubbish just yet. As AutoBild points out, the dwindling sports car market could make for some weird partnerships throughout the industry. This could be one of them.

We won’t know anything for sure until we hear it straight from the horse’s mouth (Audi). But it’s definitely an interesting proposition, especially when that sexy Quattro concept (pictured here) is just sitting in concept car limbo.

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