Audi teases new Q5’s air suspension, sound system [Video]

Audi teases new Q5’s air suspension, sound system [Video]

Audi has continued its onslaught of teaser videos for the next-generation Q5, counting down the hours to its official unveiling at the Paris motor show.

Most of the brief segments leave much to the imagination, highlighting a ‘headbanger’ audio system and rehashing the adaptive air suspension system that is already available in the current model.

A bit more is revealed in the lighting video, confirming Matrix LED headlights among the list of upgrades. The technology uses an array of LEDs and lenses, taking advantage of the camera feed to monitor in front of the vehicle and quickly dim individual diodes that are pointed directly toward other motorists.

Unfortunately for US buyers, federal safety regulations are still narrowly structured according to headlight technology that lit the roads during the Summer of Love. The US model will likely be available with a different LED headlight setup with a high-low beam switch, while the Q5’s restyled taillights are presumably compliant.

The second-generation Q5 will undoubtedly borrow a few interior and exterior design cues from the latest A4 and A5, as all three models are built upon the same platform. The similarities should extend to powertrains, with an expanded range of fuel-sipping to tire-shredding options in various markets.

Full details will be disclosed at Audi’s Thursday press conference.