Audi To Focus On Electric And Fuell Cell E-Tron Vehicles

In the gruesome aftermath caused by the emission scandal, Audi allegedly channel decided to allocate all its financial and engineering resources in bringing alternative fuel-powered cars to the market as soon as possible.

In fact, the German car manufacturer just announced its intentions to bring the all new, all electric Q6 SUV to life in 2018, as Car and Driver reports that all other “non-core” car projects have been put on hold because Audi doesn’t have the resources. to deliver the rest – with offering some insights:

“Every kind of thinking has changed since the diesel problems”, said a source close to the board. “We are pushing to bring zero-emission cars to market as fast as we can now – and pushing to do them right. Everybody is of course concerned about the aftereffects of the diesel crisis and the thinking is that Audi has to show people we are serious about these kinds of cars.”

This in turn apparently sped up the arrival of the e-tron Quattro and the further development of its hydrogen fuel-cell counterpart that was unveiled at Detroit.

The downside is that couple of interesting projects being scrapped to make way for the zero-emissions vehicles: the TT line-up expansion – which included the TT off-road concept and the sportback – and the Q4 SUV, which are both currently on hold.