Audi To Go Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Hunting With Next-Gen A8?

While the Mercedes S-Class family counts six vehicles, Audi‘s A8 features just two, in standard and long wheelbase guise, if we don’t count the one-off six-door.

However, things could change once the next generation will hit the market, as the four-ring brand reportedly has the Mercedes-Maybach in its sights.

Such a version of the new Audi flagship was hinted at by technical chief Stefan Knirsch in an interview with AutoExpress. “We are thinking about it. The success of the extra-long version of the S-Class has us wondering about whether there could be a business case for that in the future“, Knirsch said.

The range of the next A8 is believed to expand beyond the LWB with a two-door coupe that will be positioned against the S-Class Coupe.

Moreover, the new A8 is expected to come in standard with SAE Level 3 of automation, meaning that the driver will be able to remove his/her hands from the steering wheel for longer periods of time and at higher speeds over the current semi-autonomous driving tech.

Note: Audi A8 L Extended pictured