Audi to reveal Piloted Driving production car at CES?

Audi to reveal Piloted Driving production car at CES?

Audi is reportedly preparing to show its Piloted Driving autonomous technology in production form early next year at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The company has officially confirmed that it will “present the latest technologies, products and megatrends in the areas of electrification, digitalization and piloted driving” at the show.

“With a concept car and numerous technology exhibits, Audi is offering an outlook on the automotive future, which will be influenced more than ever by the electronics field,” a recent press release noted.

The automaker is preparing to reveal its Piloted Driving technology in near-production form, according to an Autocar report. It will likely be showcased in a revised version of the Prologue Concept (pictured), which appeared at CES 2015 outfitted with prototype autonomous-driving equipment.

The autonomous Prologue integrates a laser scanner, multiple video cameras, radar sensors and sonar equipment. The sensor suite feeds data to a central controller, known as zFAS, that decides how to direct the steering, throttle and braking.

Audi’s Piloted Driving tech is expected to arrive in the next-generation A8 sedan within the next two years. It will likely be limited to semi-autonomous capabilities at first, as most automakers are not expecting to publicly offer fully-autonomous tech until 2020 or later.