Audi TTQ Roadster render shows Range Rover Evoque Convertible rival that won’t happen

The Audi TT Roadster has received a jacked up suspension and plastic body cladding to become a hypothetical rival of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible.

When everything was going great at the Volkswagen Group, their premium brand Audi was toying around with the idea of launching new derivatives of the TT. A concept labeled “TT offroad” was introduced at last year’s Beijing Motor Show and right away rumors emerged about the possibility of seeing a production version labeled “TTQ”. There was also a TT Sportback concept shown later the same year in Paris and that one proposed a potential four-door TT coupe.

Out of the two, the TT offroad was believed to have the biggest chances to hit the assembly line, but it’s unlikely that will happen in the near future taking into account VAG recently announced plans to postpone and/or cancel some models that are not entirely necessary and there are enough reasons to believe a new TT derivative is not a priority.

Seen here is the rumored TTQ without the roof which would represent a direct adversary for Land Rover’s recently introduced Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Being a niche model, there are slim chances it will be made, since Audi and the other brands from the VAG empire need models that sell in great numbers and this wouldn’t be one of them. The regular TTQ does have some potential to bring in some serious cash since crossovers are (still) all the rage these days, but we are wondering how Audi would position this model taking into account its continuously expanding Q lineup, with the Q2, Q6 and Q8 on their way.

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