Audi will keep hiring despite parent VW’s emissions cheating scandal

BERLIN (Reuters) — Audi plans to keep hiring and affirmed a jobs guarantee through 2018, even as parent Volkswagen Group is rocked by a scandal over rigged emissions tests, a spokesman for Audi said, confirming a German media report.

“We are sticking with plans for strategic growth and are continuing to hire new employees as planned,” newspaper Heilbronner Stimme had earlier quoted Audi personnel chief Thomas Sigi as saying in an interview published on the carmaker’s Intranet site.

Sigi said orders and vehicle sales at Audi were currently stable, adding the brand would pay workers “a respectable sum” as bonuses next year, though it was too early to provide exact figures.

Volkswagen is battling a crisis after admitting last month it installed software in diesel vehicles to deceive U.S. regulators about the true level of their emissions.

Audi said last month that 2.1 million of its diesel-powered cars, including best-sellers such as the A4 sedan and Q5 SUV, are equipped with software implicated in the emissions scandal that may lead to recalls of about 11 million group vehicles globally at Volkswagen.

Manager Magazin reported on Saturday that the group plans to record most of the costs of the scandal, which it sees exceeding 30 billion euros ($33.1 billion), at the VW brand, sparing its Audi and Porsche subsidiaries.

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