Audi will reportedly drop out of the WEC, enter F1 in 2018

After countless rumors, Audi is finally primed to compete in Formula One.

Citing “senior Audi officials,” Car Magazine is reporting Audi will withdraw from all their current motorsport activities – including DTM and the WEC – and team up with Red Bull to enter Formula One in 2018. 

As one insider told the publication, “The idea is to use the Red Bull team as a door opener. Why Red Bull? Because of their success and experience, because of their top-class infrastructure and of course also because of the pending sponsorship agreement.”

The report goes on to say the team will be run by Stefano Domenicali and the company intends to be a serious competitor for the world championship by 2020. 

The project hasn’t officially been signed off yet but Car is reporting the company’s board of directors intends to go ahead with the plan.

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