Audi Won’t Rule Out An Amarok-Based Merc GLT Rival

As Mercedes-Benz is getting ready to enter into uncharted territory with the Nissan Navara-based pickup truck, the folks over at Audi might pull a similar maneuver, according to one of the brand’s Australia execs.

Speaking with CarAdvice, the brand’s local managing director, Andrew Doyle, admitted that despite such a product hasn’t been confirmed, it could be indeed part of the company’s future products if there is enough market demand.

It depends if there is really a market there for a premium utility model like that. What I can say is that the brand has proven that as much as we stretch into different areas and different segments, we can have success“, Doyle said.

A final decision will probably be taken after Mercedes-Benz will introduce the GLT (name unconfirmed) next year, but if it will be approved for production, then Audi’s first-ever pickup truck will share most nuts and bolts with the Volkswagen Amarok, but it will set itself apart with a more upscale interior and additional equipment, be it standard or optional.

As for the premium pickup truck segment, Audi isn’t the only brand to consider following Mercedes-Benz into it, as BMW recently admitted that it’s keeping a close eye on such a vehicle.

Rendering courtesy of TheophilusChin