Audi working on Tesla-like Ludicrous Mode for upcoming EVs

Audi’s future electric vehicles will employ a boost feature in the same vein as Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode.

While Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer recently said the Ludicrous Mode is “stupid”, Audi has an entirely different opinion as they are working on a similar technology. The reveal was made by Peter Pilgram, the company’s senior scientist for Li-Ion cell development, in an interview with CarAdvice when talking about future fully electric vehicles with the four-ring logo.

Pilgram believes prismatic cells represent the right way to go as these are more compact, have a higher energy density and can use approximately 75% of the available packaging space whereas Tesla’s cylindrical cells consume only half of the packaging space. Once the technology will be ready, Pilgram says an Audi EV equipped with a boost mode will be just as fast as or even faster than the Ludicrous Mode in the Model S and Model X.

Two potential candidates to receive a Ludicrous Mode-like software would have to be the upcoming R8 e-tron and the Q6 due to come out in 2018. The pure electric supercar will probably be the first one to receive this mode through a software update as it was the case with the Model S. If it will make the R8 e-tron faster than a Model S, it means the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) will be achieved in less than 3 seconds which would represent a major improvement over the standard R8 e-tron that can complete the task in 3.9 seconds.


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