Audi’s A8 Flagship Has Withstood The Test Of Time

As excellent as is may be, the current A8 still trails its two main rivals from Mercedes and BMW in terms of comfort and on-board technology.

Of course, such a development was always going to be inevitable, since both Mercedes-Benz and BMW deployed new-generation luxury limos while Audi were still busy testing their next A8.

Still, according to Carwow, the 2016 A8 lacks a few gizmos here and there, but that should take nothing away from the fact that it remains a highly dynamic car on the road, while still retaining sufficient passenger comfort while in motion. As for any downsides to owning an A8, well, Watson points to the smaller boot (in comparison to its rivals), its slightly less comfortable rear seats (again, compared to the Merc or the BMW) and the dated infotainment system which has really begun to show its age in terms of resolution and features.

In terms of practicality, there are plenty of storage compartments, and yet it’s actually some of the A8’s center console commands that don’t make as much sense as they should. For example, you have to click a button to activate the controls for the fan before using the same dial you would otherwise use for the temperature.