Audi’s latest car-sharing pilot focuses on corporate fleets

Audi‘s latest car-sharing pilot focuses on corporate fleets

Audi has launched a new car-sharing pilot program, exploring how the service can be utilized for corporate fleets.

Known as “Audi shared fleet,” the program will initially be limited to a set of three red 2017 A4 sedans. The fleet will be based at American Underground’s 115,000-square-foot technology incubation ‘startup space’ in Durham, North Carolina.

Mimicking a typical car-sharing service, the A4 sedans can be reserved and unlocked via a dedicated mobile app.

“In our urban ecosystem, this program will alleviate two major pain points for our entrepreneurs: a need for easy, face-to-face collaboration across all points of the Research Triangle and a desire to utilize public transportation in their commute to avoid parking restraints,” said American Underground chief strategist Adam Klein. “The fact that our entrepreneurs can now accomplish these needs in the style and performance of an Audi is a very pleasant bonus.”

Audi has already committed to a wider rollout, with plans to offer similar services across the country next year.

In the meantime, the company is still running a separate car-sharing pilot, ‘Audi at home,’ that provides a private fleet of vehicles for residents in certain exclusive apartment developments. The program has been running for nearly a year, still apparently focused on the San Francisco market.