Audi’s lunar rover will actually go to the Moon

Audi’s lunar rover will actually go to the Moon image

The Audi Quattro rover is part of an ambitious lunar rover project that was announced back in 2015 and the small vehicle will blast off towards the Moon in a rocket during the latter part of next year.

Audi dreamed big and together with German-based group Part-Time Scientists the automaker has plans to send its Quattro rover to the moon. The vehicle, the work of 16 Audi experts tips the scales at just 30 kilograms (66 pounds) – eight kilograms (17 pounds) lighter than the original example – thanks to lightweight material construction and aluminum 3D printing. It will get around the lunar surface thanks to the company’s in-house E-Tron battery technology, though the company hasn’t said anything about power or range.

Audi wants to use the lunar setup to test its auto parts in the most extreme case – but it’s also after the huge $30 million prize paid by Google. The Google Lunar XPRIZE will go to the first team that will manage to land a privately funded lander and rover on the moon, drive the latter for half a kilometer and also “mail” home some photo evidence. Alongside the team at Part-Time Scientists, Audi will use the ALINA lunar lander, with a total transport capacity of about 100 kilograms (220 pounds), to blast off towards the moon at the end of 2017 with two Lunar Quattro rovers.