Candide Thovex Doesn’t Need Snow To Ski…And To Promote Audi’s Q7

What do a professional skier and an all-wheel drive system have in common? Well, here’s Audi‘s answer to that question.

The footage shot in the Alps, shows French professional skier, filmmaker and entrepreneur, Candide Thovex doing what he knows best in a Top Gear-style made video. This is Audi’s way of promoting its all-wheel drive system, the Quattro, but there’s a catch: the mountains are lacking snow so the skier’s abilities are being put to the test.

The 33-year old skier slides downhill between trees, on the grass, passing by locals who don’t even notice him and even jumps over a tractor. The dynamic video has a hilarious finish, with the new generation of the Audi Q7 in the main frame, highlighting its spacious interior and remote tailgate opening.

That was fun!”, says Thovex just moments before the four ring brand writes “#Quattro, All conditions are perfect conditions“.