CES: Audi delivers a glimpse of the future looks of car interiors

CES: Audi delivers a glimpse of the future looks of car interiors image

The Ingolstadt-based automaker decided to showcase something that is arguably more related to the object of the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas – the future looks of its car interiors.

The solutions call for innovations such as the company’s newest version of the virtual gauge cluster that premiered in its inception faze just two years ago during the event. Now the display has grown to 14.1-inches long in diagonal and comes with the AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology. The dashboard in itself has two screens taking care of the MMI functions – with selections taking place with a “gentle yet defined pressure on the display.” As in the regular cases where you have switches and dials, the lower screen takes care of the climate control operations while the upper one is reserved to the infotainment commands. Sitting behind the new screens is the newest version of the Audi Modular Infotainment Platform, MIB2+, coming packed with LTE Advanced – a communication standard that allows for data transfers at up to 300 Mbit per second. This tech can also be used to secure VoLTE (Voice over LTE), which “shortens the time needed to make a phone connection and increases voice quality.”

The company also said it would soon deliver new services across Europe, such as an emergency call function, online roadside assistance with connection to Audi Service Centre and the Audi service request to schedule a service appointment more easily. The new A4 and Q7 will also soon come preinstalled with the Audi connect SIM, the so-called embedded SIM (e-SIM) that will take care of all the Audi connect services functions all around Europe.