Crazy Driver Throws Pedestrian Into St. Petersburg Canal For Touching His Car

Road rage and an exaggerated sense of ownership proved to be explosive ingredients for the driver of an Audi A4 from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The video captured by a dashcam at a pedestrian crossing in Russia’s second largest city will no doubt leave you speechless.

The man in the Audi, allegedly a businessman, felt offended when a pedestrian accidentally touched his car with the foot. On a side note, the pedestrian is said to be handicapped, which would explain why he made contact with the car.

The 30-year-old driver went crazy and assaulted the 44-year-old pedestrian. He punched him in the face before throwing him over the railings into the canal! Fortunately, the victim managed to get out of the water and was taken to hospital.

According to prosecutors cited by The Guardian, the driver was later detained and risks spending 11 years in jail for attempted murder.


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