Does the new Audi A4 Allroad look good enough for you?

Does the new Audi A4 Allroad look good enough for you? image

Well, it’s definitely something, but we cannot say that we need to have it if it will look like this.

Audi is on a wave these days and after the introduction of the new A4 generation, the new A8 in the pipeline, a special edition of the S8 unveiled and the introduction of the A3 e-tron over-seas, time has come to talk about an Allroad. And this isn’t your ordinary Audi A6 Allroad as it has been based on the new generation of the A4. The model in question is not real for the moment but don’t act too surprised if the carmaker will pull the wraps off its body over the next few months, because the modifications made to it are not that drastic.

Sure, we can mention the raised suspension system, the underbody cladding, the plastic body cladding added to the front, side and rear of the car and some other minor tweaks, but it’s still hard to transform it into an off-roader. Don’t get us wrong, an A4 Allroad is not half bad, especially since it will be riding on the MLB Evo platform of the new generation, but perhaps it is time for Audi to do something with it which will remind us of the iconic Quattro. The image posted above is a simple rendering at this point and it has been signed by X-Tomi Design. This has been inspired by the new generation of the model and also by its predecessor.

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