Donkervoort unleashes D8 GTO-RS

Donkervoort unleashes D8 GTO-RS

Dutch boutique automaker Donkervoort has introduced the D8 GTO-RS, the fastest and lightest D8 GTO it has ever built.

The RS is powered by an Audi-sourced turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine that has been tuned with input from Bosch. Performance specifications haven’t been published yet, but Donkervoort promises the RS is markedly faster and more powerful than the regular D8 GTO, which makes 380 horsepower in its most powerful configuration. Additionally, the mill is now compliant with the stringent Euro6 emissions regulations.

The extra power is complemented by a comprehensively redesigned suspension system that brings a wider track, a feature that provides the GTO-RS’ front axle with more grip. A transmission tunnel made out of carbon fiber keeps weight in check.

Careful observers will notice that the RS’ body is slightly bigger than the standard GTO’s. It also receives a redesigned front fascia with model-specific headlights, a wider four-slat grille, and vertical air ducts that help cool the front brakes.

The Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS will make its full debut in a few months’ time. Production is limited to just 40 examples, and the company warns that over half of them have already been spoken for. Pricing starts at €151,173, a sum that converts to about $172,000, before taxes are factored in.