Ducati not for sale, says VW

Ducati not for sale, says VW

Volkswagen board member Rupert Stadler has put an end to a recent rumor by affirming that storied Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati will remain part of the group.

A credible rumor that surfaced earlier this week claimed the Wolfsburg-based firm would need to sell off Ducati in the wake of the Dieselgate scandal, which affects no less than 11 million cars all around the globe. However, Stadler — who is also at the helm of Audi — bluntly told Motorcycle News that “Ducati is not for sale.” The brand has been steadily growing since Audi purchased it in 2012. It sold about 55,000 bikes last year, an all-time record for a small company that has often found itself in dire financial straits.

Ducati appears safe for the time being, but rumors of Volkswagen selling off one or more of its many brands continue to persist. Notably, the company could sell off MAN and Scania, two of the largest truck manufacturers in Europe. Other assets that could be divested include smaller businesses like a company that builds ship engines.

The German car giant hasn’t commented on the matter.

Note: Ducati-powered Volkswagen XL Sport concept pictured.