E30 BMW Unwillingly Becomes Rolling Blockade For Audi TT At The ‘Ring

You might remember us saying that the Nurburgring will be closed for maintenance and upgrades during the winter. Well, no matter how safe the Green Hell will turn out to be, it will always remain a dangerous, tricky and handful… Hell.

Its 170 corners are hard to memorize and most of them are even harder to conquer. “Thanks” to this unique aspect, it will always provide tons of action-packed passes and everything in between.

Still, some occurrences are painful to watch, and the maneuver caught in this particular video portrays the best example of what we’re on about.

The protagonists are a second generation Audi TT and an E30 BMW which unwillingly became a rolling blockade for the Audi. It seems that the Audi driver didn’t quite manage to calculate the speed the BMW carried into the corner and ended up hitting it.

Fortunately, both drivers escaped unharmed, as the cars weren’t traveling at high speed when the incident occurred. Still, the Bimmer received quite a nasty bump in the back wheel and we’re thinking its whole underpinnings have been compromised.


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