Electrified Corvette on the way?

Electrified Corvette on the way?

A trademark filing discovered Monday points to the potential production of an electrified Corvette model dubbed the “E Ray.”

The filing was spotted by Chris Doane Automotive, who posted a screenshot of the approval on Facebook. Doane speculated that mid-engined Corvette showcased by Car & Driver last year and thought to be a ZR1 replacement could perhaps instead be a hybrid.

While the filing only covers “Motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles,” and gives no details as to the configuration, the name “E Ray” certainly conjures images of either an all-electric or electric-assisted Corvette. Whether the electrified model would be based on a front- or mid-engined variant of the iconic American sports car is anybody’s guess.

A mid-engined, battery-powered Corvette could potentially have the likes of the Audi R8 e-tron in its sights.

Previous filings, such as “Manta Ray” and “Zora” have sparked rumors of other forthcoming Corvette family members, but to date, this is one of the more explicit (and likely self-explanatory) potential nameplates since, unlike “Zora,” the Corvette moniker is included.

The original entry in the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s TESS system is visible to the public.