First generation Audi R8 can still go for the Liberty Walk treatment

First generation Audi R8 can still go for the Liberty Walk treatment image

The Ingolstadt-based automaker has been delivering the second generation of its flagship sports car R8 to interested owners for some time already, but the aftermarket specialists are still showing some love to the previous iteration.

There are Audi fans that say the first generation is still better looking than its successor and owners might be happy to find out the extravagant styling packs from Liberty Walk have also become available to the R8 model. Known for its over the top transformation, Liberty Walk is now offering for the Audi R8 the full body kit for £14,413 in Great Britain when selecting the V8 model and for £15,480 if the owner has pledged his allegiance to the V10 community. The full body kit pack uses unique front and rear diffusers, way beefier side skirts, along with hulking front and rear fender extensions. Also on par is the massive rear spoiler and the tuner says all of these items can be had separately if you like to play Lego with your car.

If someone wants the full treatment and has the money there’s also an optional AirREX digitally adjustable air suspension that will enable the vehicles to look as it glued to the tarmac. Additionally, the aggressive body kit can be ordered in carbon fiber or glass-reinforced plastic. Both use the same elements, with the difference being in terms of style and visual cues: one is going for the bare carbon appearance and the other has a shaded lacquer finish. We’re now only expecting the Liberty Walk treatment to reach the second generation A8 to see if there’s any progress… to flashiness.