Five of the greatest Super Bowl ads

  • America’s annual Hand Egg sporting extravaganza – sorry, Super Bowl – is rather a big deal that is watched by millions of viewers each year. 

    Though we’re yet to understand the rules of said tournament (shoulder pads, a field, lots of running around and falling over), we do understand that sometimes, just sometimes, carmakers get the adverts absolutely spot on.

    Here then, are just a handful of the efforts we’ve seen over the years. Pick your favourite, and nominate other ones you think should make the cut.

  • ‘The Force’ – Volkswagen (2011)

    This one actually won an award, and features a Passat. But it also features a mini Darth Vader and that legendary music. Action!

  • ‘Dream’ – Nissan (1991)

    “They can’t catch me,”, a rugged voice says. That’s because he’s in a TWIN-TURBO Nissan. This one was directed by none other than Ridley Scott himself. Yep, the man who directed Alien.

  • ‘Imported from Detroit’ – Chrysler (2011)

    Rap legend Eminem – better know as Marshall Mathers – explains to us how Detroit is “the motor city”, and indeed, “this is what we do”. Set to the soundtrack of his Lose Yourself single, it showcases the (then) new 200. Nice.

  • ‘Commander’ – Audi (2016)

    One from this year’s crop, and a fine one too, we must admit. A retired astronaut gets his zeal for life reignited by the sight – and sound – of Audi’s new R8 V10 Plus. All set to Starman by the late, great David Bowie.

  • ‘Strike’ – Maserati (2014)

    You’ll have to wait a bit, but the noise of the Ghibli at the end is rather worth it. In fact, just skip to 1m 10s and turn it up. Like, really loud.