Furious Dad Destroys Son’s Audi A4 With Bulldozer For Daughter’s Indiscretion

A son has filmed the moment his father totalled his bright red A4 in a fit of rage with his bulldozer.

The outburst was, allegedly, caused by the man finding out his daughter was driving the car with someone who “shouldn’t have been” in it with her.

Posted on Facebook by a man named Kaylor Card, the clip shows his dad ramming the digger into the A4 and flipping it multiple times. By the end of the clip, the car is a total loss with all its panels badly dented, the roof caved in, windows smashed and underside inevitably torn to pieces.

Strangely, the son doesn’t seem at all concerned about witnessing the death of his car, perhaps because he’s hoping to get a replacement. Or maybe he (wisely) decided to stay calm until his dad’s fury subsided.