Future Audi lighting system could use Car-to-X technologies

Lighting is near and dear to Audi‘s heart some it comes as little surprise that the company will use the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting to talk about several new lighting technologies.

As part of the company’s presentation, the company will highlight their Matrix Laser headlights.  They use a laser and a micro-mirror to intelligently control the light distribution pattern.  

Audi also discuss ways that lighting systems can benefit from Car-to-X technologies.  As the company explains, when a car enters a known construction zone the lights could be used to project the “vehicle’s width onto the roadway as precisely defined strips of light.”  Audi says this would reassure drivers as they travel through narrow bottleneck areas.

The four-ringed brand also reaffirmed their desire to become the first automaker to use OLED taillights in a production vehicle.

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