Future of Audi car interiors uncovered at CES 2016

Audi interior ces

Audi has shown a new concept interior at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It previews the future for Audi car interiors, featuring large touchscreen displays and even gesture control – it’s based on the interior of last year’s Q6 e-tron concept.

The Audi press conference at CES also touched on the ‘connected car’ of the future. This is where the car talks to the world around it via the internet, a step on from ‘car-to-x’ tech like traffic sign recognition that’s already commonplace in production cars. Connected cars are something many manufacturers are talking about at CES this year, indicating that the cars of the future will be able to connect to internet-enabled devices in your home and operate them via voice or gesture commands.

Your car will be able to get to know you, too. Ricky Hudi, Audi’s vice president for electronic development said: “We are developing our successful Audi virtual cockpit into the Audi virtual dashboard and creating an entirely new world of experience for our customers. In the future, the entire system will get to know the customer and their habits and preferences, then proactively support them.”

Meanwhile Audi is pushing forward with its research on autonomous driving, and at CES it showed a new version of the computer that runs its impressive self-driving cars.

Also at CES was a virtual reality car configuration system, as well as some new lighting tech and Audi Fit Driver – a system that uses wearable fitness tech (like a smart watch) to work out how stressed or tired the driver might be. The car would then change things like lighting and heating to comfort the driver.

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