Here’s How An Audi A3 Allroad Quattro Might Look

Rumor has it that the Allroad quattro version of the A3 Sportback might be on its way, but is there really room for it?

If you’re looking to punch the Infiniti QX30 straight in the nose, then perhaps yes, you could argue that a more capable version of the premium hatch would be a solid investment.

However, Audi would need to be sure about creating its smaller Allroad yet, not least because it already has the Q2 and Q3 crossovers in the market.

At the same time, not all people are going for the SUV craze and prefer the practicality of an estate like an A4 or A6 Allroad instead and find their off-road capabilities more than enough for their needs.

This rendering is based on the current A3, with the necessary mods that give it a more rugged look than the standard version. Just your usual slightly increased ride height, plastic trim on the wheel arches and extra protection on the lower part of the bumpers. Which might just give us something to think about while Audi could be mulling about such a variant of its next-gen hatchback.

Renderings courtesy of RM Design