Is this the Audi RS3 Sedan or RS4 Sedan?

We have stumbled upon an image that shows either the Audi RS3 Sedan or the RS4 Sedan.

Earlier today we found out there’s going to be an RS3 Sedan for United States and this could actually be it. The headlights do look a lot like the ones on the new A4/S4, but on the other hand we do know the facelifted A3 will get an A4-inspired front fascia. However, we are not entirely excluding the possibility it’s the RS4 Sedan which has already been confirmed by Audi.

The poor quality of the image stops us from identifying the model, but whatever it is, it looks sweet and it’s coming to North America. We played around with an image tool and discovered the front plate ends with a “4” rather than a “3”, but at the same time the car appears to be a tad smaller than the new A4.

So, which one is it, RS3 or RS4 Sedan? We vote for the former.

Source: mercmilan06 / Instagram