Jon Olsson’s Former Audi RS6 DTM Burned To The Ground In Amsterdam Armed Robbery

While we hate to be the bearers of bad news, it recently came out that the brainchild of Swedish free-skiing legend Jon Olsson and former Koenigsegg chief engineer Leif Tufvesson was found burned to the ground after being stolen at gun point.

The 1,000 HP Audi RS6 was a really amazing project and for it to end up like this is truly disappointing for everybody involved with it, including fans. The car was also part of Team Betsafe during the Gumball 3000 rally and was definitely one of the biggest stars of the event.

As for what happened to it in Amsterdam, all we know is that it was being used to shoot a video in the Piet Hein tunnel when two armed men pulled up in a VW Transporter and stole the RS6 while holding the new owner of the car and the cameraman at gunpoint.

The robbers took off towards the Zeeburgertunnel, which was the last time anyone saw the car in “one piece”. Apparently, the thieves forgot to take the keys away from the owner (the engine must have been on during the heist), which meant that at one point they would have had to ditch the Audi regardless.

Later on, the RS6 DTM was found abandoned and burned to the ground as the robbers probably tried to cover all their tracks.

This is truly a sad way to go for a car that inspired so many people in the past couple of months, especially its original owner, Jon Olsson. Before the Gumball rally, he spoke about the RS6 project proudly, saying “I’ve always loved the crazy wide-body style of DTM cars and it’s been a dream to build a similar car for the road, but I also need a car that has enough space to carry all my ski gear to the slopes, so the decision was made to see what we could do with an Audi RS6.”

Olsson also used the car to pick up Uber users in Stockholm for a day on May 15th, which caused a real stir in the Swedish capital.

Story references:, Videos via AT5

Deze auto was 24 uur geleden nog zo’n €400.000 waard..Lees verder hier:
Posted by AT5 on Thursday, October 15, 2015

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