Le Mans Audi R8 Safety Car Has A Big Moment During Rainy Practice

The safety car’s driver in Le Mans has managed to become the hero of the race so far after a truly epic save.

As the qualifying session was red-flagged due to torrential rain hitting the track, the safety car went out to evaluate the conditions when traction was suddenly lost, sending the Audi R8 really sideways.

The mad skills of the driver though were more than enough to hold the slide and execute a perfect drift. Reports suggest that the driver is Yannick Dalmas, a four-time Le Mans winner, including a 1995 win at the wheel of a McLaren F1 GTR.

Even Mark Webber was very impressed as a camera caught him doing some imaginary opposite-lock work with his hands.

Monsieur Dalmas, we salute you.