Mahogany Mica Audi S5 Shows Up At The Audi Forum

While some may like their turbocharged V6-powered Coupes looking either dark and aggressive or bright and eye-catching, others might appreciate the timelessness of this particular Audi Exclusive model.

Even the 10 Y-spoke design wheels look overly elegant, in a way almost contradicting the purpose of the S5, which is to represent the pinnacle of the A5 line-up, along with the faster and more hardcore RS5 version.

On paper, the difference between the two isn’t that mind-boggling, with less than half a second separating them when it comes to the always popular 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint. The RS5 can manage it in 4.5 seconds while the S5 needs 4.9 seconds – not bad at all considering the 117 PS difference.

By the way, believe it or not, it’s the S5 that has more torque (440 Nm vs 430 Nm) between the two, but let’s not kid ourselves because most people would probably pick the RS model without even thinking twice.

Regardless, the S5 is perfectly capable of being your every-day driver – one of those all-things to all-people types of cars. And thanks to Audi Exclusive, those who want to buy one with a more classic look can certainly get inspired from this Mahogany Mica model.

This particular car also has a two-tone black & burgundy interior which most of the time is somewhat of an acquired taste, but does work with the exterior so…that’s always a plus, right?

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