Man Accuses Audi Service Tech Of Sniffing “Cocaine” And Driving His Car At “Reckless Speeds”

A California driver is accusing a service technician from an Audi dealership in Palo Alto, of consuming an “illicit substance” that he believes to be “cocaine”, while test driving his car, after watching the on-board footage from his dash-cam.

“Audi Service Technician takes vehicle on test drive, where he proceeds to drive recklessly, double speed limits on city streets, and takes a break to indulge in an unknown illicit substance (white powder was left in the seams of my seats) and then continues to drive while under the influence,” writes the owner of the Audi, ‘Carrera Chris’ on YouTube.

“I suspect the tech of using cocaine or an illicit substance. That is my opinion from the audio in this video,” the Audi owner added.

When asked by a YouTube viewer why he shared the footage before discussing the incident with the Audi dealer, he replied, “I did contact them prior and they did not respond until it went public” adding that “They just reached out to discuss the situation…”

After watching the dash-cam footage, there are reasons to be suspicious, as in the second video in the playlist below (What is the Service tech doing in this car?), the technician is seen stopping at a parking lot, chuckling and mumbling to himself: “Kind of want to have my shit up…[inaudible]…f***ing…[inaudible]…that’s not good….sh!t…f**k dude…”, before snorting / inhaling something.

In the clip titled “Unauthorized test drive – Part 1”, he’s heard giggling in the beginning (0:07), while later on, he brings the car to a full stop on an empty side road without any evident reason (1:04), laughing again before blasting forward.

Is this a case of another service technician gone bad or is he perhaps the victim of a misunderstanding? Well, for all we know, he might have caught a cold and used a nasal spray and/or perhaps he has other (medical / psychological) issues that could explain his erratic behavior, so it’s best not to jump into conclusions without having all the facts in hand. Still, we think you’ll agree that the owner of the car deserves an explanation, as there’s something definitely fishy going on here that’s worth investigating.