Mcchip-DKR reveals its 790 hp take on the Audi S8

Mcchip-DKR reveals its 790 hp take on the Audi S8 image

The sporty flagship of the Ingolstadt-based automaker is ageing well it seems, as tuners are still interested in uplifting its credentials – for example Mcchip-DKR decided to take the S8 to a supercar power level of 790 hp.

Aside from the odd naming, Mcchip-DKR also knows how to hook up Audi buyers with superchargers – and we heard many RS4 and R8 owners took a swing by their garage. But we’re not interested in high performance vehicles here, as we’re talking about an S8. Err, it’s indeed a high performance limousine that was tuned quite extensively by Audi’s quattro division, but then again this is a flagship saloon we’re talking about. Anyways, starting its life as an unassuming S8 plus – with 605 horsepower and 750 Nm under the hood – means the limousine knows how to make a Transporter-style getaway, because it has almost the same power level as the R8 V10 plus.

Capristo was the provider for the bespoke exhaust system and the tuner also installed custom headers and wider downpipes to help the model breathe a bit easier. If you go for the stage 3 tuning kit you’ll also get a new ECU and high-performance turbos. Wrapping all changes, the aftermarket specialist also strapped the limousine to the dyno and came up with 789 horsepower and 927 Nm of torque, which is pretty impressive for a 4-liter TFSI V8.