Mercedes-Benz to release all-new EV

Mercedes-Benz to release all-new EV

Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive. (For representation purpose only)

Mercedes officials have confirmed the launch of its all-new electric vehicle within a year.

Speaking to our sister publication Autocar UK at the Frankfurt motor show, the company’s engineering head Dr Thomas Weber said that the new car would offer a range between 400 and 500km, using lithium-ion batteries with double the energy density of current components.

The news follows the onslaught of EVs at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show, specially from Mercedes’ rivals, Porsche and Audi. Previous EVs from the car manufacturer include the SLS AMG Electric Drive and B-Class Electric Drive.

The company could make its entry into the luxury saloon or SUV EV market, by building a large car that has enough room to accommodate a battery pack, and at a price that’s high enough to justify electric vehicle costs without being prohibitive.

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