New Audi Q5 RS On Track For 2017

A new addition to the Audi RS performance lineup is just around the corner: the Q5.

The high-performance SUV is apparently being developed by the company’s Quattro performance division along with another powerful vehicle, the new generation of the RS4.

Sharing the same development space with the fourth-gen RS4 is not by accident, as the two should use the same 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine, with a similar output to the newly-announced BMW M3 and M4 Competition Package models, at more than 450PS (444hp). The powertrain will replace the current 4.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 and will be adopted by the second-gen RS5 too.

Audi’s officials are confident when it comes to sales of the upcoming Q5 RS and compare it to its smaller brother, the RS Q3: “We’ve identified increasing demand for performance-based SUVs in all of our key global markets. When we launched the RS Q3 we expected it to do well, but sales have topped our expectations. We think we can build on this with a larger and more powerful model“, said chairman Rupert Stadler, quoted by Autocar.

Production of the new Audi Q5 RS is believed to start at the company’s new facility in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico, joining other Q5 models, right after its introduction scheduled for the second half of 2017.

Note: Audi SQ5 pictured