Next-Gen Audi A1 Comes To Life Through Realistic Rendering

Available in a range of specifications with a multitude of different engine options, the Audi A1 is rightfully considered one of the key players in the premium compact market.

Currently topped out by the 228 hp S1, the A1 is a good all-rounder. It is also six-years old, Audi is naturally working on its replacement. No details about the second-generation A1 are known, and given that the facelifted model arrived in late 2014, we presume it will show up next year at the earliest.

Audi being Audi, it’s not that hard to guess that the shape won’t be drastically different. The biggest styling change will be the implementation of the firm’s new single-frame grille, first previewed by the Prologue concept. Additionally, we can expect to see even sharper headlights to give the hatchback some added road presence as well as redesigned air intakes and bumpers.

Nothing too radical then, but Ingolstadt has figured out that the formula works just fine in all its models.

Image via Theophilus Chin