Nurburgring crash takes the “life” of Audi TT RS coupe prototype

Nurburgring crash takes the “life” of Audi TT RS coupe prototype image

According to the latest reports, the 2017 TT RS is scheduled to pack an all new generation of the 2.5-liter engine, but apparently the “fun” has been recently kicked back a notch following a Nurburgring crash.

One of the two test prototypes present at the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife track has recently crashed while driving hard on the racetrack – though exact conditions are still unknown. Of course nothing really happens on the ‘Ring without someone filming it and while the actual crash has somehow slipped under the radar we have footage starting mere seconds after the actual accident – a treat for anyone capturing on camera very expensive secret test vehicle. Naturally the driver and co-pilot had a bad day and they decided to try not making it worse by letting the car be videoed in its wrecked glory – so they quickly covered it with a tarp. The truth is they’re doing something not really necessary – since the rumor mill has pretty much dissected the model times and again.

We already know there’s a new engine under the hood, we also know the steering wheel will come directly from the TTS options list, the manual transmission will keep purists happy – much to the chagrin of RS3 owners. Also, we have been tipped about the power level – 400 horsepower – given that US officials of the brand confirmed that would be the level seen in their RS3 Sedan. The TT RS will ride on the lightest iteration to date of the MQB platform and with the highest output ever squeezed from the 2.5-liter we can safely assume the model will give the 718 Boxster S a run for its money.