Report – Audi could deliver Sport sub-brand above hardcore RS models

Report – Audi could deliver Sport sub-brand above hardcore RS models image

The humongous Volkswagen Group is apparently gearing up for another subsidiary. This is because a new Audi sub-brand is making the headlines across the rumor factory.

The Audi Sport is set to command all of the German company’s motorsport projects, the R8 supercar, as well as the RS models. Stephan Reil, an Audi executive, discussed the matter in an interview on the sidelines of the Paris Motor Show and hinted there could be hardcore versions of the RS models in preparation in the near future, though none is in development at the moment. “There’s no actual project at the moment, but why not? With the RS3, maybe with another car,” he commented. Asked about the TT RS, he said “Maybe. There are a lot of possibilities. You will just have to see. This is always an impulse in the life cycle of the car. You won’t bring that in an early time of the life cycle, though.”

Additionally, electrification is the way to go at Audi as well. Even Audi Sport is no stranger to the trend. “The question is not whether we do it, it’s when,” he added. For now, the first thing for the Audi Sport sub-brand is the impending market launch of the Audi R8 Spyder, with the convertible needing about a year to reach all of its intended markets. He added there are no new versions currently planned for the R8, apparently quelling rumors of a new base V6 model.

Via Top Gear