Report – Audi dropping dual-clutch auto for its S and RS performance models

Report – Audi dropping dual-clutch auto for its S and RS performance models image

The four-ringed brand is among the pioneers of the dual-clutch transmission – the famous DSG – having it inside the sporty TT coupe from the early 2000s.

The gearboxes were popularized because they offer fast gear changes and the same comfort and convenience as a regular automatic – with the added bonus of delivering fuel economy on par with manual transmissions. But it appears that according to the latest report on the matter Audi is backtracking from this transmission choice where it matters – in performance versions of its popular cars. Audi powertrain engineer Florian Beck has recently explained the regular automatic will be more feasible for the cars that have huge amounts of torque – the automaker’s DCT’s being limited here in terms of loads.

He added the new S4 and S5 model have 8-speed automatics instead of 7-speed DCTs like their forbearers. There are now claims the switch will also be made for the more potent RS4 and RS5 models. Beck added the automatics not only better cope with the high torque but are also smoother across the range, especially at low revs where DCTs can be jerky at times. Other automakers share the German company’s vision – for example Ford and General Motors have jointly worked on a ten-speed automatic. There are those who favor the dual clutch assembly – Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, McLaren and Porsche.

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