Report – Audi trademarks Q4, could be new crossover-coupe

Report – Audi trademarks Q4, could be new crossover-coupe image

The Ingolstadt-based automaker has recently trademarked the Q4 moniker, and the rumor mill is now signaling the apparition of the production version of the TT offroad concept, a coupe-SUV to rival the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe.

Audi has apparently submitted an application to trademark the Q4 name, meaning it could launch a mid size coupe SUV inspired by the TT Offroad concept from 2014. Audi took home the Q2 and Q4 monikers following a long running battle with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which had been using them for certain versions of the Alfa Romeo model roster – the Q2 on limited-slip differential-equipped front-wheel-drive cars, and Q4 on four-wheel-drive cars. Now Audi has already delivered the Q2 small SUV – and it appears the Q4 trademark name is at the second attempt.

Apparently the Q4 production crossover-coupe would be a little out of the ordinary – using elements from the full-size, full-electric coupe SUV Q6 e-tron, which has a range of 310 miles (500 kilometers) and will reach its intended markets in 2018. The TT Offroad concept first shown during the Beijing Motor Show in 2014 also had a hybrid powertrain, with an electric motor powering the rear wheels. The Mercedes GLC is already offered as a hybrid and the upcoming new generation of the X4 is also expected to adopt a form of electrification.

Via Autoexpress