Report – Audi’s new A8 to deliver competition for Mercedes-Maybach S Class

Report – Audi’s new A8 to deliver competition for Mercedes-Maybach S Class image

According to the latest rumor flying off the mill, the Ingolstadt-based automaker is seriously contemplating the idea of introducing a rivaling model for the Mercedes-Maybach S Class super limousine on the basis of the upcoming new generation A8.

The BMW 7 Series and the current Audi A8 can be had in standard and extended wheelbase configurations, which is currently not enough in terms of size and prestige to do battle with the Maybach subbrand. That six-door A8 is not going to spawn a full complement of units because it was a one-off customer ordered model. Now the company is mulling a change of heart for the all-new A8 (D5) coming out in 2017. That’s because the Audi executives are thinking about providing an upscale variant to do battle with the Maybach S Class. According to Audi’s technical chief, Stefan Knirsch, an even bigger version of the A8 L could provide a compelling business case after seeing how successful the Maybach S Class has become.

Aside from that luxury dish, there’s also an upscale sports battle on the way – Audi could deliver a coupe version of the A8 to take on the Mercedes S Class Coupe. And let’s remember Mercedes also offers a Convertible on the S Class so Audi could up the ante even more in the near future. By the way, the technical wizard also let slip the new A8 would deploy SAE Level 3 automation capabilities – a further enhancement of the current semi-autonomous driving functions.