Report – VW’s Audi also caught red-handed with emissions modifying software

Report – VW’s Audi also caught red-handed with emissions modifying software image

The VW group doesn’t seem to realize the Dieselgate scandal could – in the long run – spill doom for the company, as its Audi subsidiary is now under investigation for using emissions altering software.

It all broke out a week ago and we waited patiently to see if it confirms –and it did, with official VW acknowledgement. Back last week German weekly newspaper Bild am Sonntag revealed the California Air Resources Board again discovered some type of cheating software which is different from the one used in the Dieselgate affair. Volkswagen is now saying some Audi models using an automatic transmission also have an adaptive shift program that “can lead to incorrect and non-reproducible results” while the cars are being subjected to emissions testing.

“Audi has explained the technical backgrounds of adaptive shift programs to the Federal Motor Vehicle Authority KBA and has made available technical information,” commented the automaker. This is in response to the claim that its software is able to detect testing by looking at the steering wheel’s position – and then triggering quicker transmission gear changes to lower CO2 emissions and nitric oxides, as per Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The KBA has been asked by the German government to analyze the situation and it appears the Environmental Protection Agency in United States has also launched an investigation. Way to go VW – keep on cheating an you’ll get caught again!

Source: Volkswagen via Reuters