Review Finds Audi’s Updated 2017 A3 Sportback As Brilliant As It Is Bland

Looking back, the Audi A3 used to be on top of the premium compact segment in an unchallenged capacity before Mercedes switched things up with their A-Class and BMW‘s 1-Series got bigger and better.

Let’s face it, before that, the only car you could rationally throw at the A3 was the first-generation 1-Series and it had none of the Audi’s strongest selling points, mainly the comfort and space – though BMW’s hatch did come with rear-wheel drive for purists.

Now, the revised 2017 Audi A3 faces stiff competition from both BMW and Mercedes, which is why the Ingolstadt-based automaker has packed a lot of features in this facelifted version.

In this review, Carwow’s Mat Watson takes us through what makes the A3 Sportback (5-door) great and what makes it rather mediocre, or perhaps wasteful in a way – he really goes off on how badly you should avoid ticking away at that options list when buying this car.

In the end, however, it really comes down to how much you like or dislike the A3 and how appreciative you are of its neutral handling characteristics, which some people seem to really like.