Snap Oversteer Causes Audi S3 To Violently Crash On The Nurburgring

So, you think an all-wheel-drive system can save you from snap or lift-off oversteer?

Many rely on their automobile’s advanced AWD system to keep them out of harm’s way when going track racing, but on a circuit as complex as the Nurburgring, things can be a little bit different.

It almost seems like the 20.81 km (12.93 mi) ribbon of asphalt was designed to strain automobiles (and their drivers) beyond their capabilities and then some more. The irregularities in the asphalt, and frequent changes of direction and elevation are all there to unsettle the car. And when that happens, you should be prepared to act fast.

Unfortunately, the driver in this particular Audi S3 didn’t d so, as he lifted the throttle in mid-corner. The result? A nasty case of lift-off oversteer that turned into a monstrous crash.

This usually happens to front-heavy FWD cars, but since the S3 has a Haldex Traction-based four-wheel-drive-system that sends most of the power to the front wheels, it’s easy to see why it acted the way it did.

Thankfully, both the driver and the passenger escaped unharmed from the accident.